How To Make A Filament Dry Box

Bowden tubing to guide the filament out of the box correctly and prevent it from snagging. $20 diy heated dry box for filament storage.


Works as a storage unit for when filament is not in use.


How to make a filament dry box. I love the addition of teflon tubing from the box to the printer to even keep dust and air exposure to a minimum on the way to the printer. It keeps filament dry not just by sealing it into a plastic box with some desiccant, but by incorporating a mild and economical. Struggling to keep your nylon or pva filaments dry?

Storing your filaments in vacuum sealed bags with small desiccant packets is one option but it is very inconvenient. He would be correct on that, if you go to and search dry box you will get many results and you can get some ideas. A more thoughtful approach to the storage of 3d printing filament, dry boxes are an increasingly popular solution for keeping filaments clean and dry.

Integrated hygrometer helps deciding when to replace/recharge desiccant. How to keep your filament dry: The first is for a diy heated drybox for 3d printing filament.

Pretty nice build, i made some caps for the filament feed plugs when not in use. Although a dry box is in essence just an airtight box with silica gel to extract the moisture in the box, improved designs include a heater to facilitate the drying process. The final step is to drill some small holes in the samla box that allow the filament through.

In this post, we talked about how to keep pla filament in the right way. Depending on how you plan to use the box, you can drill the holes either in the lid of the box, or in the side. Here you will find the instructions to build a filament dry box that is much more than just an airtight storage box.

The dry box dispenses the filament to the 3d printer too, providing convenient storage. A drybox keeps the filament dry during printing and also protects the filament from dust. I included a little humidity gauge on the front of the box to keep an eye on the moisture levels inside, i also used a nut.

You don’t even have to remove the filament to print! One of the samla filament dry boxes mounted in the old 3d printer. Alternatively, you can take the lid off when printing with the filament.

Filament dry boxes are an important component of 3d printing as they ensure that your filament is perfectly preserved and ready for use. Leave enough distance to the walls of the filament box and after fixing it, test whether the largest roll of filament to be stored can also rotate freely. In this simple project video, the mighty becky stern shows how she built a filament dry box which lives above her 3dp, keeping all of her filament clean, dry, and happy.

Pla filament diy dry box by bookledge available on thingiverse. Follow our guide below to make your own filament storage dry box. This box fits four standard rolls of filament.

More makes view all liked by view all make info 1384 views found in 3d printer accessories. However, if you are a newbie in this field, you may wonder if does pla need a dry box. I wanted to make a portable dry box just for one roll of filament, but as usual i got carried away somewhere in the middle, and decided to make two boxes for the different types of reels i use.

Dry filament prints smoother, with less stringing, better layer adhesion and mechanical strength. Moreover, we discussed how external factors can affect it and ways to prevent it. Pla filament is one of the most popular and widely used materials nowadays thanks to its qualities.

By bummster aug 9, 2015. Rewind and lock mechanism to avoid opening the box or losing filament when swapping colors at the printer. Printing with a dry filament fresh out of the package vs an old spool that has been sitting absorbing moisture can be the difference between a good and a failed print.

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